Looking for a job - every detail is important.

By Joanna Sadowska

2 July 2014
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Do you know this feeling when you just send your resume and did not even had a chance to log out of the mail, and you already get a phone call for an interview? As most of us...probably not.

This will not be a revealing thesis - but job hunting is a full-time occupation. Rattling off a few sentences in Word and naming your file 'CV' is not enough to get hired. Do not complain that you have a lot to do. You can not expect others to devote their time to you if you are not demanding yourself.

 This time I would like to help you with the preparation of finding a new job.

1.    Think about which sources you will use. Will it be PRAN (especially recommended :) )? Trade portals? Websites of specific companies? Or maybe the newspapers?

2.    What will you type in the search engines? Do you know how positions that interests you are called? Or maybe you are looking for a job where you can use particular skills?

3.    Take a moment of your time and create an account on Goldenline or Linkedin - recruiter will be able to check your motivation in search of work.

4.   Remember about proper setting of sent documents - e-mail without a title or without any content is already a minus for your whole application.

5.    Check potential employers. Not all recruitment agencies work in all industries. Every third company will not even be looking for employment of candidate with your profile. Check employer profiles, what do they do? On which markets they operate? Analyze their motto and philosophy of work. Thanks to that you will check if 'that' company is definitely the place for you.

6.    Bet on quality, not quantity. Do not send hundreds of resumes to every single e-mail address you found on the network.

7.  Google yourself! Do you know how recruiters will see you when they type your name into search engines? Does your Facebook picture and profile lack any indecent stuff and your entries are not offensive?

8.    Check your voicemail recording. "You! Speak" is rather not encouraging for the recruiter to leave you invitation for an interview.

It may be little things about which many of us simply forget. But here the best in every detail wins, so you need to take care of them.

You have been invited for an interview? Congratulations! How to prepare for it, you will learn in the next post.



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