CV - is easy like they say? YES!

By Joanna Sadowska

17 July 2014
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Engineer will write shortly, concisely and to the point. Master of Business Administration will check each sub-point twice and then add another one. Fresh high school graduates will make "the best" resumes, even though they have the least to write in them. Indeed, the more you have to note down in the CV, the more lost you get.

CV is a simple thing, no making things up, no beautification, just describe what you are responsible for and what you do. Such simple document and sometimes provides more problems than the first official application for an extension of the session (I have heard that such exist... ;)).

To simplify lets split CV into parts:
1. Your data - first name, surname, phone, email, Skype ID, photo - some of us are visualizers.

2. Experience - start from the current workplace. Do not forget the name of the company or position. Describe everything that you have been doing. Ask yourself what is important to your new potential employer. CV is not a work testimony, we are interested in what you have really been doing.

You are applying for an international company? Maybe every day at work you speak a foreign language? Can take advantage of cultural differences? These are precisely the information that we are interested in!

Your new job is going to be associated with managing a team? You have such an experience? Trained others? Been mentor for someone? Been introducing the trainees to their responsibilities? Write about it!

A recruiter will create your profile based on information contained in your resume - the better they will be matched to the offer, the higher the probability of transition to the next stage of the recruitment process. Job Title, although often says a lot, is not everything!

3. Education - skip kindergarten and elementary school if you have a higher education. Specify the years in which you have been taught, the full name of the university, city, course of study and the dissertation topics which you defended.

4. Additional skills:
- languages
- software
- specialized technical, personal and managerial courses
- predispositions, personal, organizational or group work skills (you can describe them)

5. Hobbies, interests - all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy - or so they say. Reading, watching, talking is not a hobby, these are basic activities performed by all of us (or at least should be). BUT - South American cinema, Iberian literature, participation in oratorical events - those are worth mentioning. Everyone has a hobby, but sometimes you have to concentrate on it to bring it out.

If it is not required - do not format the resume in Europass. Please :) Be original! The graphic form also says a lot about a person, especially about his skills in the MS Word. If they gave us 5 € for each CV with "very good knowledge of the MS Word" and the document formatted in 55 mini-tables - we would be the wealthiest professional group!

Having problems with your CV? Despite the above suggestions there is still something bothering you? Contact me - I'll try to help you.

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