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21 April 2016
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The most important thing: how does a recruitation process look like?

It is only 5 easy steps!


1.    Create your account on www.pran.eu/register

2.    Fill out your details (don’t forget your phone number for easy contact)

3.    Apply for the job offers! (under each vacancy description you will find the  ‘apply’ button just click it)

4.    Make positive impression on your recruiter (via Skype, via phone, or during the  face-2-face interview)

5.    Pack your bags and go to the Netherlands!


As great as it sounds, going to the Netherlands for sure this is an amazing idea, but it also needs some preparation and thinking through. 

We have to be honest, we are not sending just anyone,  we try to send to the Netherlands the best matching people, the people with whom we would like to work ourselves to create a nice and cosy environment. Not only in the  workplace but also on the living accommodation. That is why, we are not sending candidates based on only their  documents or a CV.

We need to know you a bit better, that is why just after registration and applying (when you will be chosen to that project) we need to meet. Idyllically – face to face. We have 3 offices in Poland, one in Spain and one, our headquarter, in the Netherlands. But! There is also Skype, Hangout, Messenger and the phone. So, we are prepared for every situation. That is how good we are!

When you will be accepted as a candidate to that one and only project, we will help you to be prepared as good as possible and also with your transport to the Netherlands.

But before you will cross the border, read carefully:



1.    You need to get a notification e-mail that you are assigned as a candidate to a project.

2.    You need to sign a contract with your new employer!

Those two steps are way easier than you think – the mail from our database, is the confirmation that you went through the whole procedure of recruitation with a positive note! And you can start your new job.

The labour contract in the Netherlands is really the most important thing for your future job and guarantees. This  document states the conditions of your work. So remember about making an autograph on it!


Dutch legislation is strict when it comes to legal documents: your ID card or passport should look like a new one (that would be idyllically) Why? Because this is your valid document that allows you to work in The Netherlands! For sure it cannot be bend or fractured in any other way – if so, it will be reckoned as not valid. And in simple words: you can forget about working in The Netherlands.


Your future employer will help you with finding accommodation, Make sure you know before you leave what is your address, what will be the cost and what you can expect with regards to facilities, so you will not be disappointed at arrival!

 BSN number:

 Your number to your money.

BSN (Burger Service Nummer) is a unique personal number allocated to everyone registered in Municipal Personal Records Database. In short words, this number shows to the Dutch government that you are registered in the Netherlands, that you are working over there legally and you will pay taxes.  and at the same time – you can get your money because without a BSN an employer is not allowed to put you to work.

Bank account number:

If you come over from a country where is a different currency than € (euro) remember to make a € bank account.  Why? Because you will be getting salary in €! So, in that way you will get the complete salary transferred into your account and you will not lose any eurocent on double currency conversion.

Hiring vs recruitation agency:
We are a recruitation not a hiring agency, what means that PRAN is responsible to recruit you and transfer to a hiring agency. You will be employed by them, with them you will sign your contract, they will be one that will take care of you.

Why like that? Because PRAN is specialised in recruitation abroad and offers it’s services to several agencies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, in that way (under PRAN wings) you have multiply offers from multiply agencies so,  almost everyone will find something for him/her!

CAUTION!  It is illegal to charge candidates for recruitation services!


If any ‘agency’ will try to force on you any kind of payment for the recruitation itself: look out, move away and come (back) to PRAN. It is illegal to charge you any cost for such services.  

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Pran can offer you:

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