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You are going to work as a logistic worker in the distribution center of Hoogvliet. Hoogvliet is a successful supermarket chain with 63 supermarkets in The Netherlands. There are 2 departments where you can be placed: ‘Emballage’ or ‘Sectie’.
In this department you are responsible for the goods that come back from the supermarkets, like old bread, empty bottles, empty crates etc. Your tasks are:
- Process goods
- Check packaging
- Sort packaging
- Separate waste, like carton, bio waste and old bread

In this department you are responsible for the stock in the pick locations. Your tasks are:
- Re-stock the shelves when you see empty shelves. There have to be enough products in the shelves, so that the order pickers can go on with their work. (Order picking is not a part of your job!)
- Carry and lift (heavy) products into the shelves
- Work with a voice picking system
- Check the visible quality of the products and inform your manager about errors

Processing goods
- check packaging
- sort packaging
- register packaging
- processing the packaging flow

Separating waste
- carton, film, biowaste, iron, wood and bread separate distribution proces

- working conform the HACCP in the distribution centrum
* cleaning conform the cleaning procedures
* clean up waste immidiately

- check the visible quality of goods and inform the manager about errors
- work safe so containers and goods are protected from damage



Net of modern supermarkets

Wymagany profil:

- Experience in logistics
- good knowledge of English language
- driving license is a plus
- physically strong and healthy - carrying heavy boxes
- You must work according to the HACCP rules in the distribution center: clean conform cleaning procedures and clean up waste immediately.
- You must work safe so containers and goods are protected from damage.
- Normally you work in just one department, but we sometimes need you in the other department. In Emballage the average working hours per week are 38, in Sectie the average working hours per week are 33.
- You must be willing to work during weekends and during holidays like Christmas.
- You must be willing to overwork when necessary.


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